1905 rambler

“I was tempted to make this a “western” town. But, “Cowboy” pictures are so cliche’ and overdone. You see them everywhere in the Southwest. You can’t go into any art gallery without seeing a tone of cowboys and indians artwork. It’s a bank robbery (obviously). The robbers rode in on horses. But, I only had room to put the butt end of one. On their way out of the bank, they notice a car driving by. Wrongly thinking a car would be faster than their horses, one robber is carjacking the car. But, his plans are not well thought out. They don’t know how to operate this newfangled machine and are noticed by a couple of cops in the donut shop(one of which is “Uncle Creep.”) I wanted a German name on the merchantile. Schliessen means to close or closing. Notice that one of Herr Schliessen’s specialties is marital aids. Hey, it could have meant something different back then, like scripture-based books on marriage or something. I’ve included wienie-dogs in a number of these picture in remembrance of a good friend who passed away. They were his favorite dog. I’ll talk further about contrast, emphasis, the composition and all that artsy stuff later. I could go on and on about that and would kind of like to do it on a word processor.”

One thought on “1905 rambler

  1. Todd Hollfelder

    Incredible! I like the little “surprises” you find if you really examine the piece. Little things, in addition to marital aids, like the horse droppings. The naked woman in the window above the donut shop and the man looking at her. I wonder what they’re doing… she hasn’t bothered to turn around and observe the commotion in the street. What is the wiener dog sniffing on the ground? The onlookers in the windows!! My work is similar in that every time you look at my image you’ll find something new and wonder, “… was that there before?”. Spectacular!!!

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