1911(?) Drama

“Another one where I don’t know the date or make of the car but the design appears to be after 1910, but before 1920. In this one, I wanted to briefly get away from the silly, crazy scenes I usually do and have a melodramatic scene. The woman in the car got beat up by her husband. I think any guy who would hurt a woman physically is the lowest scum on the earth, especially if she’s his wife or someone he supposedly loves. This lowlife is going to get what’s coming to him. I put the lemon and salt next to him- a symbol of an evildoer-(and a bottle of tequila to go with it.)
I also wanted to add a smashed tequila bottle in the street. During the argument, she threw it at him, it crashed thru the front door window and landed in the street.”

One thought on “1911(?) Drama

  1. Todd Hollfelder

    Impressive imagery!! I’m disappointed you soiled the good name of tequila however!! It’s funny to see your cat and dog in aggressive poses against each other… you’ve never done that before!

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