1948 Tucker

“I’ve done lots of creatures in these pictures. But, I hadn’t done vampires yet, so I thought I’d throw em in. I also wanted to include the rare and unusual Tucker (there were only 51 made) in my collection. Trudy the vampire hunter has parked her car in front of a vampire nest. She’s walking away to let them pursue her. Then, once they get close enough, she’ll dispatch them with her machete and stake. I wanted the bottle in front of the car to be one of those old IV bottles (like the vampires got it from a blood bank or something.) But, I don’t think the viewer would see it as such. Oh well, I also wanted an old, abandoned look to the buildings (it’s roughly based on a pic I found in a magazine.) I think I captured that, but I wanted a much darker picture. I honestly tried to push the darks as much as I could but I couldn’t go much more without losing the details. This is definitely something I need to work on more.”

One thought on “1948 Tucker

  1. Todd Hollfelder

    You’re right! The olde time IV bottle comes across as a liquor bottle, even a milk bottle, until it’s pointed out. Maybe if you’d attached a stopper and IV type rubber tube it would read better (just a suggestion). It may just be the way the work shows on a computer screen but I do see ways to push the darks further and not lose the detail. It might change the focal point though! Still impressed and awestruck by what you do!

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