27 packard hearse

“So I had a picture of a hearse. The obvious setting would be at a funeral, But, that’s a little grim. So I wanted to lighten it up a bit and not just with a regular corpse. I made his eyes bulging, tongue hanging out and limbs all akimbo. I realize most of the “mourners” would be wearing black, but I wanted a few bright colors to contrast all the green. I wanted the deceased’s name to sound Norwegian. The two guys laughing were not friend’s of Torvald. I made “Uncle Creep” as the gravedigger. He was drinking as evidenced by the empty bottle and fell asleep while working. THe commotion woke him up. The depressed guy in the foreground is being comforted by his girlfriend and the kitty cat. I mostly just needed something in that big, blank area. I think the costumes came out well and very accurate to that time period. I had a lot of good pictures to work from.”

One thought on “27 packard hearse

  1. Todd Hollfelder

    I’m impressed with the obvious variety of emotions expressed in the faces of all the individuals you portrayed. The women are mainly struck with terror and the men laughing at the situation. What I find particularly striking is the clergyman’s expression of uncertainty how to react!! Really great flow of movement by the pall bearers! I’m definitely a fan!!

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