32 ford model B

“Another one where the reference picture had a low eye level. I had to raise the car up high. I just happened to see something on TV about an art gallery and thought, ” Why haven’t I thought of this before?!” This is my 61st car pic! The guy talking to the woman in green is droning on and on, boring her. The artist responsible for the car being displayed as art is Herr Gerhard Knoop. He’s telling the woman in pink a secret. As Andy Warhol did years later, Gerhard is displaying a common object as an example of fine art. GerhardFilled the gallery owner with a lot of philosophical crap about a common material object displayed to reflect the materialistic nature of modern society, the capitalistic view of current thought, consumerism overtaking the country..blah, blah, blah. He’s telling “Pinkie” it’s all a load of horse crap and although the gallery owner bought into his crap and displayed it, America of the 1930s wasn’t ready for something like that and it ended up just confusing most people.”

One thought on “32 ford model B

  1. Todd Hollfelder

    Is that Li’l Orphan Annie slamming the last of the hooch in the back corner? And Annie’s twin stopping the boy in the foreground from helping himself to a glass of champagne? Great idea and challenge to your abilities with the car having to be high!!

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