53 buick rivera

“Johnny is getting a new car for his 16th birthday. Grandma in the window is not pleased. She thinks her son is spoiling the boy. The boy’s younger sister in the foreground is also displeased. She’s seething in anger. Her boy-friend isn’t sure what to say to her. But, poor little Jimmy is about to ruin the festivities. His brother told him he could fly if he put on the Superman cape.”

One thought on “53 buick rivera

  1. Todd Hollfelder

    Again… awesome!!! I notice the weenie dog isn’t in this one but what is that on the ground with the cats? A bird they ate?!?! The color work is incredible! and the boyfriend has a beer! I also adore the use of light and color to create the bushes and leaves on the trees!! I think I’m a big fan!!

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