79 Dodge LRE truck

“Mom is having a yard sale and decided to have it while her teenage son is at summer camp. She meant well but put lots of his treasured items out for sale. He will be furious when he gets home. This is one where you really have to look at all the tiny details: Baseball cards 1906-76 for 10 cents each, for instance. I also drew record albums that were popular around 79, a few Star Wars items and other things appropriate to that era, lava lamp, fondue pot, macrame’ plant hanger, in addition to random crap. I also included Frosty holding a lightbulb, an object I remember from my childhood.”

One thought on “79 Dodge LRE truck

  1. Todd Hollfelder

    Wow! The details… and as you stated, so time appropriate! I luv the truck!! Do you draw the vehicles from memory? The girl in the truck holding a joint, beer can under the front axle. There’s a bong with flowers in it!! The trademark weenie dog sniffing at something again! I’d love to show you my work. Our styles are very different but our intent is very similar. I call mine illustrations and let the viewer create their own story. It’s fascinating to see how different my intent and their interpretation vary!

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