1896 Quadricycle

“”This is the 77th one I did but the first one in the series. This is Henry Ford’s first car. I had read somewhere that people didn’t like these new contraptions. They were noisy and scared horses. I guess I can see their point. You’re used to this quiet little town and along comes this noisy, backfiring thing trundling down the street belching noxious fumes and scaring animals. So, I put a rearing horse, a hissing cat, people covering their ears and mouths and generally reacting unpleasantly to it. Except for the owner, who is proudly showing his new acquisition to a lady. At this point, I was beginning to experiment with darkening the paper, then adding the highlights and shadows. On this particular one, when I painted the paper reddish black the paint went on uneven, kind of blotchy. Hopefully, I covered that up. Thanks to my wonderful wife finding me some awesome pictures of women’s dresses and men’s clothes of this time period, I was able to create a historically accurate picture.”

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