1912 Packard: Must be someone important II

“When I saw this car in a magazine, I knew I wanted to draw it. It had so many tiny details, (knobs, screws, rivets, belt buckles) and the picture was big and well lit. I knew I would enjoy drawing it. However, I already did a 1912 car. So, I decided to start on a second set. I already doubled up on a couple of them already anyway.
As for the idea, I was going through a serious case of “artists block”, but since I love drawing crowds of people in period costumes I figured I could have someone important being paraded through the street while a crowd gathers around. I still think it’s kind of a boring, lame idea, nothing really edgy or interesting about it. Plus, I already did something similar (The Volkswagon in Germany that I titled “must be someone important.). So, I titled this one “must be someone important II.” The only thing that saves it is that the car came out pretty well. The important guy isn’t wearing any specific uniform. It’s kind of cobbled together from various types of military uniforms they wore around that time. His wife next to him is bored, tired of his self-aggrandizement. Maybe I should have had someone throwing a bomb at him or something…or someone laying under the car like they got run over. Nah, too violent. See? I can’t think of anything!
Many more dark ones coming in the future. Like Picasso had his “blue” period, I’m going through my “dark” period. I like that. It sounds mysterious and ominous.”

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