1920 Pierce Arrow

“This is my 75th one, but the first one with a snowy landscape. Unlike my usual edgy ones, I’ve gone into the completely opposite direction into sappy and sentimental. Hey, I dig family and Christmas. Notice the guy with the presents is walking on ice. Wonder what’s going to happen next. The cat’s looking at him thinking, ” Wait for it…wait for it.” The little girl has noticed him and is saying, ” Kitty!” It’s pretty self-explanatory by looking at it. Grandma Helga and Grandpa Helmut are on the porch. Auntie Olga is swinging the little girl while crazy Uncle Klaus is sucking a candy cane. Uncle Creepy is locked up in the upstairs bedroom. Little Herman, standing by the snowman has Asperger’s and dreads being hugged, and Dad is carrying in the presents.”

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