47 Ford

“For a long time, I wanted to try painting a night scene with neon lights, but I thought it might be too ambitious. How would the lights be reflected in the car? It won’t come out looking right. But, I thought, I’ll be ambitious, bold and just experiment with it at first. I used a sheet of scrap drawing paper (it had a crease in it and I wasn’t going to use it). Now, in order for something to look like its glowing with light, everything around it has to be dark. I wet the paper, laid it flat and painted on diluted black paint, which incidentally smoothed out the crease. Once it dried, I sketched out a simple city scene. I left a little room for a car, just in case, but I didn’t want it as the main focus. At this point, I was still just playing around and experimenting. I first painted the “Fred’s Bar” sign and thought it looked pretty good. But, when I painted the window with the glowing light on the bricks, I knew I was on to something. So, I thought, “Let’s just go ahead and try a car.” I had seen a picture of a 47 Ford and some neon lights in a magazine. But, it was tiny and the back end was cut off. I had learned from the very first “car picture,” that if I don’t measure everything out precisely, the perspective will be all wrong and things will be out of proportion. But, what the hell? I’m just playing around, right? So, I drew it from a tiny picture without measuring anything, just by looking at it and it actually came out halfway decent. I hadn’t started coloring it at this point. After I painted the people and the neon signs reflecting on them, I was really patting myself on the back thinking, “This is freaking; awesome.” I have always tried to be humble with my artwork and never overtly be a show-off or boastful, but I HAD to show it to 4 or 5 people who have shown interest in my artwork. A couple of them, artists who could it as an instructional tool on how light reflects on things. Anyway, then I painted the car with splotches of colored light where it would be reflected. I painted “girls” and “pork” in the windows. As for the guy lighting the cigarette, I’m just showing off my new talent. As I was finishing up, I thought I’d try to make the street look a little wet, but, I didn’t want to mess it up. So, I went with slightly moist streets. I plan on experimenting with this in future pictures. As for the car, I’m not absolutely, 100% positive it’s 1947. I do know it’s a Ford and having looked at other cars from around that time, I’m very confident that from the style of it that 47 is not too far off. I could not see the back of it from the picture from which I worked, so I don’t know if the back fender came out or laid flush with the side of the car so I just made a guess. After this one was done, I decided I’m going to do a lot more “dark” ones. “

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