57 Ford Fairlane

“Someone is going to have a very Merry Christmas this year, albeit with some complications. Santa has brought someone a new car and is placing the bow on it. It never really entered his mind how they would get it out of there. Reflecting back on Christmas Eve the next day, Santa thought, “What was I thinking?” and from then on, when he left a car as a gift, he left it outside.
Of course, I had to put in the Frosty light and the lightbulb which is my particular favorite shade of teal blue. Santa left Brandon (the artist’s son who is also an artist) an easel, oil paints, and brushes and some drawing implements in his stocking. He left me a bottle of some sort in my stocking, those are Hershey bars in Cathy’s. (He used to always put a Hershey bar in my stocking at Christmas.) I think the car came out especially nice in this one but I think the cat and tuna in the foreground look kind of weird. Too bright? Not bright enough? Santa also brought Kitty a dead fish. See Winnie the Pooh? (Winnie was his favorite toy as a baby.) I also made Uncle Creepy a little challenging to find in this one.”

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