67 Chevy Impala

“It’s 1967, some friends are having a 4th of July cookout as they enjoy a few drinks. The kiddies play with sparklers in the yard and a young couple makes out on the trunk of the car. A guy at the grill is holding up a steak on a skewer saying, “Cheers.”
Just another one where I’m playing around with light and shadow. A grill probably wouldn’t put out that much light, but it looks cool. Also, there’s no reason the car should have its parking lights on. It just looks cool, too. I needed something in the right foreground. I thought of a kid petting a cat, but thought that would be boring. I laughed out loud at the idea I came up with. I think it came out pretty well but I wish I would have placed everything differently. The composition is way too similar to the 20s one with the werewolves and I like each one to be fairly unique. I showed the photo I worked from to a “car guy” acquaintance of mine and he pointed out the decorative stripes on the hood and said it’s a 427. I could barely see those stripes in the photo and left them out at first. But, I guess I’ll be accurate. He also pointed at the little “V” logo by the front tire when he said it was a 427, so I assume that’s also an indicator as to its horsepower. I had planned all along to have the blue light on the right side. I wanted it to be a compliment to all the orange and kind of look like moonlight.”

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