75 Pontiac Lemans

“Back in 1951, a group of pranksters assembled a car in a library. 24 yrs later, they all got together as sort of a reunion, got to drinking and decided to pull the same prank, this time in a disco. It was late Saturday afternoon before the owner of the disco showed up, noticed the car and knew he couldn’t close down on the busiest night of the week. So, he just left it there. The customers would just have to dance around or on it. They didn’t seem to mind it and actually seemed to enjoy it utilizing the interior to smoke weed and make out. By the next morning, it had been clear to the owner that the customers hadn’t been respectful to the car.
Some of them mistook it for a restroom, befouling the interior.
I think this one came out really well. I especially like the glassware on the table in the foreground with the reflections. I also wanted to make a prominent blue light coming in from the right with smoke. I was very wary of putting a big blue splotch on the back end of the car. I’m still not sure if it looks right. I may have made the car look too bright like there’s a light shining on it. But, I guess that’s ok. I want it to stand out. The couple in the right foreground is playing “1,2,3,4, I declare a thumb war.” The girl in the left foreground is trying to grab the guys beer. The group behind the car is throwing a guy off the dance floor. He can’t dance worth a crap when he’s drunk.”

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