1951 Plymouth

“This is actually a drawing taken from a photo of a 1950 Plymouth, but I have it on the authority of a classic car expert that the 50 is not much different than the 51. The story is:
A group of pranksters has disassembled the Dean’s car and rebuilt it in the college library. For weeks, the librarian didn’t realize it was a prank, thinking the administration was putting together some kind of display. The Dean thought his car was just stolen. The pranksters were never caught. Since its 1951, I had to put a greaser in it. He’s one of the pranksters and is combing his hair in the reflection of the car window. It may not look it but you would not believe how long it took to do the top half of this picture. I enjoyed doing it. But, Wow! it took a long time. I wish I had made this whole picture scaled up a bit so I could have put some funny titles on the books. I did, however, put some with German swear words next to Uncle Creepy. And, I hope you enjoy the amusing titles of the magazines. I love how the ceiling light came out. I also think the car came out especially well in this one. You know how they have those “READ” posters with some celebrity holding a book? I drew a guy pointing to his crotch and it says, ‘Read This.’ Ha-ha.”

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