Pacific States

Please note: The Prison Arts Coalition does not offer any programs. The following are independent prison arts programs we have identified in this region. To learn more about the programs below, please contact the programs directly. 


  1. Hiland Mountain Correctional Center Women’s String Orchestra
  2. Wildwood Correctional Center Crochet Project
  3. Flying University at University of AK Southeast,


  1. Gateways for Incarcerated Youth Education & culture,
  2. Denney Juvenile Justice Center Poetry and Art Workshop Mindy Hardwick,
  3. Keeping the Faith – The Prison Project
  4. Sustainable Prisons Project Science, nature, and horticulture
  5. Yoga Behind Bars Natalie Smith,
  6. Art Studio Pete Brook,
  7. University Beyond Bars
  8. Pongo Teen Writing Project
  9. Freehold Theatre (206) 323-7499,
  10. Underground Writing Matt Malyon,
  11. Prison Renaissance
  12. The Hero’s Journey Prison Writing Project Contact through this form


  1. Inside-Out Oregon Academic and arts courses
  2. Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution Creative Arts program, annual Shakespeare production
  3. Center for Intercultural Dialogue – Prisons and Peace Kelley Totten,
  4. Write Around PortlandWrite Around Portland 503.796.9224,
  5. Project HOPE Peggy Kendellen,
  6. The Beat Within  David Inocencio,, (415) 503-4170
  7. Open Hearts Open Minds Dialogue, theater, reentry,
  8. The Concertina Wire Radio Program University of Oregon,
  9. Janus Youth Programs Kathleen Fullerton, (503) 982-4454,
  10. Big House Kite (503) 841-8826,


  1. The Art of Yoga Project
  2. InsideOUT Writers Mindy Velasco, Writing Program Director or
  3. Los Angeles Poverty Department 213-413-1077
  4. Poetic Justice Project Deborah Tobola, (805) 264-5463,
  5. Rising Voices of Community Works 415-734-2360,
  6. WritersCorps
  7. Write and Rise Margo Perin,
  8. Pelican Bay Speaks
  9. The Actor’s Gang Prison Project Sabra Williams,
  10. The Medea Project
  11. William James Association Prison Arts Project
  12. We Players Alcatraz 2011
  13. Prison University Project Creative performances
  14. Prison Yoga Project James Fox,
  15. The Knotted Line Evan Bissell,
  16. Five Keys Charter School SISTER, Garden Project
  17. GOGI Yoga
  18. Santa Cruz County Inmate Programs M’Liss Keesling,
  19. Brothers in Pen: Wednesday Night Creative Writing Class at San Quentin
  20. The Roots and Wings Project
  21. Each One Reach One (650) 225-9030,
  22. The Beat Within  David Inocencio,, (415) 503-4170
  23. Resolve to Stop the Violence (RSVP),
  24. Prison Library Project Annual Exhibition, Rachel McDonnell,
  25. Jail Guitar Doors
  26. Prisoners Literature Project
  27. Albert Cobarrubias Justice Project – Social Biographies
  28. Beyond this Prison
  29. Give a Beat
  30. Inside the Reels at Vista Jail – Christina Fink, Founder,
  31. Prison Arts Touching Hearts (P.A.T.H.) Leslie Lakes,
  32. Arts for Incarcerated Youth Network (AIYN) (310) 962-6000,
  33. Prison Renaissance
  34. Marin Shakespeare Company  Lesley Schisgall Currier,
  35. Project PAINT: The Prison Arts INiTiave, (619) 500-2780
  36. Playwrights Project, (858) 384-2970
  37. Unlock Tomorrow
  38. Words Uncaged
  39. The Artistic Ensemble at San Quentin,
  40. Arts in Corrections


  1. The Beat Within  David Inocencio,, (415) 503-4170
  2. Learning Center at Halawa Correctional Facility Hawaiian chant and dance, Hawaiian language, music, yoga, meditation
  3. Pu’a Foundation
  4. Community-Engaged Creative Writing