Wrecked Car

12 x 12 acrylic on canvas
“The image came from a photograph in Juxtapose (magazine) – I enjoy high contrast items and the play of lights and darks and some of the things hidden in the dark spaces. Wanting you to wonder what’s in the dark, what happened, and what kind of car it is, is what attracted me to the photo. I made some changes to it, including the colors.
My favorite styles of work are both impressionism and pop art. Where I love the style of most impressionism art, I find their subject matter boring at times. The pop art genre I like because of the identifiable items, with the simplifying in technique, be it silk screen or brain name objects, and just the plain audacity of the genre.
My favorite artist is Edmund Hopper, not only because of the use of acrylic, but because of the light and dark play in most of his work, with the illusion of detail also in play.” – Brian

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