1921 Rolls

“I know I’m getting repetitive. I already did one of a rich people party with fancy mansion in the background. But, let me explain. Ever hear of writers’ block? I had the artists version of it for almost a week. No ideas were coming to me. I figured, since it was a Rolls, it has to have rich people with a fancy house. Even though it’s uninspired, I made sure the craftsmanship was good, neat and carefully rendered. That’s an octopus on the tray the butler on the far right is holding. I wanted to put something more unusual than just drinks on the tray, but still be some kind of food. The old guy in the car is seething in anger at something.”

One thought on “1921 Rolls

  1. Todd Hollfelder

    When I felt uninspired I would grab some magazines… didn’t matter what they were… and would just do “figure” studies. After a while it became fun. I don’t notice any repetitiveness in this. It’s completely different than the other “rich people”! Everyone is having a good time! The look of shock on the face of the man playing chess and the other player putting his hand on his head! There’s an alligator under the car which seems out of place because the building doesn’t appear to be a plantation or antebellum structure you would see near southern swamplands. Your style is just so whimsical and free!!

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