1938 Ford?

“I didn’t have the year or make and model of this car but I’m very confident the date is accurate. I’ve seen very similar styles from around this time. I also noticed there’s an “F” on the hubcaps in the picture I worked from. Even though Ford didn’t usually use that kind of “F”, it’s the only company I can think of that made cars back then and starts with that letter. Mr. Woodard is waiting by the getaway car as his associates prepare to rob the “spices” store (BTW, I thought the name of that store was very clever.) A shadowy, hatchet-wielding figure can be seen through the window. Those are Woodards two wienie-dogs walking around on the street. He let them out because they had to do their business. That’s my wife’s cat, Peanut doing her patented backward look in the right foreground. She will run out of the way once the car starts to move.”

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