South Atlantic

Please note: The Prison Arts Coalition does not offer any programs. The following are independent prison arts programs we have identified in this region. To learn more about the programs below, please contact the programs directly. 


  1. Avodah Dance Ensemble
  2. Prison Arts Program Delaware Dept of Corrections


  1. Maryland Correctional Institution – Hagerstown (MCI-H) Annual Art Exhibition
  2. Knitting Behind Bars Lynn Zwerling,
  3. ReWired for Change, 410-528-9058
  4. Project Youth ArtReach (PYA) Claire Schwadron, 301-608-9103,
  5. Carpe Diem Arts, Busy Graham,

Washington, D.C.

  1. Free Minds Book Club (202) 758-0829,
  2. Prison Fellowship International International art competitions and exhibitions
  3. Safe Streets Arts Foundation Dennis Sobin,
  4. Prisons Foundation Dennis Sobin,
  5. Blackout Arts Collective
  6. The Beat Within  David Inocencio,, (415) 503-4170
  7. Writing Exchange Program with Georgetown University Students Wendy Jason,


  1. Art program at Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail
  2. Prison Theatre Workshop course Betsy Rudelich Tucker,
  3. The Messages Project
  4. Visual Art at Wallens Ridge State Prison

West Virginia

  1. Giving Back with Heart Prisoner Art Auction

North Carolina

  1. North Carolina Division of Prisons Annual Creative Writing Contest, Annual Inmate Art Show
  2. Creative Writing: Joseph Bathanti, Poet Laureate of NC, teaches writing in prisons, 828-262-2337,
  3. Internationalist Prison Books Collective
  4. Art class at Nash Correctional Institution
  5. Hidden Voices Lynden Harris,
  6. Working Narratives

South Carolina

1. Spartanburg County Detention Center Therapeutic arts programming, Deputy Robert Duclos, Programs Coordinator, 864-596-2607, ext. 115 and


  1. Reforming Arts  Wende Ballew,
  2. Blackout Arts Collective


  1. ArtSpring Leslie Neal,
  2. Art Behind Bars Lynne Vantriglia, (401)323-1314,
  3. Art Program at Everglades Correctional Institute, Alejandra Chirinos,