South Central


  1. ArtsAloud-OSU at the John Lilley Correctional Complex, Jodi Jinks,, 405.744.3826
  2. Louder Than a Bomb – Tulsa Kent W. Martin, Program Coordinator,, 310 600 7099


  1. Center for Community Arts Texas State University – San Marcos
  2. Blackout Arts Collective
  3. Prison Dharma Network  Miksang contemplative photography,
  4. Voices Behind Walls Lee Rhyanes,
  5. Truth Be Told: Exploring Creativity Peggy Lamb,
  6. Arts Field Trips for ProbationersState District Judge Bill Moody
  7. Children’s Prison Arts Project Birgit Walker,, 713.520.7661


  1. The Northwest Arkansas Prison Story Project 479-871-4875,


  1. ArtSpot Productions – LCIW Drama Club 504.826.7783,
  2. Louisiana State Prison at Angola Arts and Crafts Festival at Angola Rodeo
  3. Blackout Arts Collective (504) 339- 3154,
  4. Music Program at Angola Prison Rita Chiarelli, 


  1. Shakespeare Behind Bars, Curt L. Tofteland,
  2. Calls from Home Radio Program Sylvia Ryerson,
  3. Bars to Walls exhibition Kathy Solomon, 502-727-7368,
  4. Northpoint Plays


  1.  Prison Art Project Michael McBride, 615-963-7483,
  2. LIFE Program Richard Goode, 
  3. Reading and discussion group at Riverbend Maximum Security Institution, Lisa Guenther,, 615-322-7332


  1. The Core Arts Initiative Allison Winstead, 601-359-6546,


  1. The Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project  Kyes Stevens,

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