water to wine

“I know it looks like one of my bar pics. I kind of wanted it to though; people celebrating and drinking (not alcohol). I know Jesus probably didn’t have a visible halo. It’s just an artistic device artists through history used to represent a holy figure. I wanted the arches in the background to kind of outline and emphasize Jesus and the “master” of the feast. I further emphasized them by darkening the background. I experimented with the shading, having the light coming from the left, like it’s evening and the sun is low in the sky. I think it came out nice. Jesus is gesturing with his hand as the water is transformed, and the “master” is tasting the high quality wine, clearly pleased with it, about to say, “…thou hast kept the good wine until now.” (John2:10) I put a tray with cheese cube and black olives. My mom puts out such a tray during family get-togethers. I don’t know if they would have had chairs sitting around a table, but I do know that the Romans ate while reclining around a central table. However, had I continued the reclining couch, all the way around the table, all you’d see in the foreground would be the back of a couch and the tops of the apostles and one woman’s heads. So, I took a little artistic license in the actual setup of the furniture. I didn’t want to do one where all 12 apostles were in it. It would have looked way too crowded and taken the focus away from the main idea. So, let’s say that’s Matt, Mark, Luke and John in the foreground, plus some random chick.”

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